Our Pipeline 

Courage Obesity 

Courage has established high quality MC4R peptide agonists with differentiated properties from existing marketed products. These include compounds more potent than the currently marketed MC4R agonist products and have no MC1R activity. The products are being developed to treat dietary obesity and genetic obesity with novel patents relating to the composition of matter and activity to sensitize patients to GLP1 or other anorexigenic medicines.  This program is currently in the candidate selection stage with a plan to initiate IND enabling studies in 2024. 

Courage Anorexia 

Courage has established first in class MC3R peptide agonists with demonstrated activity in the CNS to drive increased feeding behavior in mouse models of feeding. These are the first potent MC3R peptide agonists that have drug like properties viable for promotion into clinical use. Courage is investigating their use in multiple indications including anorexia nervosa, sarcopenia, cachexia, infertility, and geriatric anorexia. Courage is undergoing a lead optimization campaign to generate clinical candidates that will be developed in one or more of these conditions 

Courage is seeking strategic partners with GLP1RA therapeutic programs to collaborate with our MC4R agonist portfolio  that has shown demonstrated synergy with multiple GLP1RA products. See video link below:

Courage Therapeutics Presentation V2 July 2024 - 1080.mp4

Courage Co-Founder Dr. Roger Cone describes the potential opportunities for partnering with Courage to develop MC-GLP (Melanocortin/GLP1RA) combination therapies